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Dexterous Practice, Enjoyable Experience


在欧美日本等国家,一直奉行 “手工强国才是科技强国”,培养孩子手工制作能力,一直被家长和学校重视,形式多样的手工制作教育,在这些国家随处可见,老师和家长鼓励孩子自己动手制 作,这也导致了国外孩子的动手能力很强且童年总是充满快乐的。而在中国,应试教育的痛疾悬而未决,想要孩子既有很强的动手能力,又可以学到很多理论知识, 是非常困难的。

With the notion that “ It is handwork that makes a powerful nation。”, parents and teachers in European and American countries pay special attention to the importance of handwork for their children。 And various kinds of handwork education can be seen everywhere in these countries。 For their encouragement, children get hands-on skills and have happy childhood as well。 However inChina, it is hard for children to be skilled at handwork and meanwhile acquire theories because of the examination-oriented education system。


 However, in “iwood class” these problems can be solved。 Founded for inheriting woodwork culture, “iwood class”can arouse children’s interest and help them improve their creativity , thinking and hands-on skills。


2015年9月,苏州工业园区外国语学校建立了全国最大体系最完整的木工教室。 走进乐木课堂,墙壁上整齐地摆放着刨子、凿子、锉刀等小工具,中间是八大张木质工作台,台面边缘装着台钳,中间放着钉子、颜料等小物件,机械操作区内台 锯、带锯、台钻机等大型设备和集粉管连接,整个木工房称得上一尘不染。教学区,上百种不同树种的木样,丰富的植物信息、地理资料、让学生了解更多的知识!

In September 2015, the nation’s largest and most complete woodworking classroom is established in Suzhou Industrial Park Foreign Language School. Planes, chisels, raspers and other tools can be seen on the wall in the classroom . In the center locate eight wooden worktables, on which there are bench clamps, snails and paint etc. In machinery area, there are some large equipment, such as bench saw ,band saw and drill, which are connected with the powder collector to make the classroom tidy. In teaching area, students can get much more knowledge from the source of wood samples, plant and geography.



With the teaching mode of “hands, brain and joy”, “iwood class” aims to improve students’ hands-on skills, exercise their brains and make them study happily。 Without any homework, students can create their own woodwork with their imagination and creativity。 The process of making each work includes a lot of mathematic, physics and art knowledge。 Instructors will give details on important points based on the feature of each student’s work, including the principle and process of making a work。 After following the instructions, students are able to complete their tasks with curiosity。



Curiosity is the prerequisite of happy studying, hands-on skill is the key of class, and mental exercise is the foundation of the class. All the creation originated from thinking while the premise of creation is interest. In the process of interest aroused, curiosity induced, questions initiated, interpretation and woodwork completed, students are guided to make hands-on practice, make use of what they learned and study happily. As a result, they form the habit of thinking and hands-on practice independently.

9月11日,国际知名木工设备品牌woodfast邀约的美国木工大师Tim Wadley(车旋培训师、木机评测专家)为苏州工业园区外国语学校-乐木课堂举行了一次木工DIY演示,展现木工车床DIY的魅力。
On Sept.11th, Tim Wadley, woodworking master from the world famous woodwork equipment brand “wood fast”, has been invited to SIPFLS to have a DIY class with students.

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